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Croasdaile’s “Rose Ladies” Have a Mission

By Janet Shafer

Each year in May, residents are happy to see beautiful vases of roses brightening the spaces of the common areas. That’s a sign that the Croasdaile “Rose Ladies” are at work again! Each Tuesday and Friday during the summer months, we see volunteers working early in the morning in the front Rose Garden, carefully harvesting and arranging selections of blossoms, then placing vase arrangements throughout the main building.

The Rose Lady volunteer program evolved from a personal project of the late Dick Grambow. When Dick and Barbara moved to Croasdaile, Barbara recalls that Dick just naturally continued his life-long interest in roses by periodically tending and tidying the Rose Garden, which was then located behind the Great Room (before expansion).

Gradually, other residents began to offer assistance, and over time, the group grew into what we now call the “Rose Ladies,” with Dick as the leader. After the roses were moved to the front area, the group organized a regular schedule to decorate the common areas of the campus with beautiful bouquets of roses. Dick continued his leadership until the year before his death. He had even created a “mobile flower shop” by storing tools, supplies, and vases in an old station wagon, driving the equipment from his cottage to each work session.

Currently, the volunteers under the leadership of Janet Csarny are Sharon Pitz, Janet Kistler, Angelika Langen, Joy Cunningham, Diane Busch, Liz Dronsfield, and Priscilla Morgan. Many thanks to these volunteers, present and past, for bringing touches  of beauty and joy to our living spaces.