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Expanded Recycling Event Set

by Syd Dursse, Chairman


On August 10, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Fassett Auditorium, the Recycling Committee will hold a collection of residents’ unwanted, unused, used, old, and new items to donate to The Scrap Exchange, Durham Rescue Mission, Triangle Ecycling, and the Animal Protection Society. For the first time, we will collect newspapers, which will be used in cages at Our Wild Neighbors (“OWN”). OWN is a wild-animal treatment and rehabilitation organization in Orange County.

If you need assistance, someone will be available for help with the delivery from your residence to the auditorium. Please contact Ed Wray to schedule a pick-up from your home on the 9th or 10th. Call Ed at x2812 or email him at edwinwra[email protected]


Accepted items for recycling include:

*Accessories—belts, purses, hats, gloves *Arts & craft supplies * Blankets * Books * CDs & DVDs * Clothes & shoes * All computers, monitors, TVs, and electronics of any kind are accepted, working or not, intact or not (For all Apple products, please remove the item from your account at Apple. com. Otherwise, a working Apple product cannot be reused and will be crushed in recycling.) * Computer internal components—motherboard, hard drive, ram, power supply * Computer peripherals—mouse, keyboard, speakers, headset, power cords, modem * Computer monitors- flat screen * Cutlery * Paper takeout bags from dining-not torn, not wet/ no spills, no food residue * Dishes, cups, and saucers * Dog leashes, collars, bowls * Fabric & yarn * Games-non electronic, electronic * Gift wrapping paper * Jewelry * Kitchenware * Kitchen small electric appliances * Lamps–table & floor, shades * Laptop carry bag, tablet & cell phone cases * Musical instruments—no pianos or organs * NEWSPAPERS * Office supplies * Photography equipment * Picture frames, wall pictures * Pillows *Printers, copiers, and fax machines * Printer ink & toner cartridges-used up/ expended * Puzzles * Rugs—scatter * Sewing accessories * Sewing machines *Shopping bags—washable * Sports equipment * Tape players, CD players, DVD players, VCRs, camcorders, AM/FM/SW radios, stereo systems *Telecom equipment – cell phones, office & home phones, all wire, cables *Televisions – flat screen * Television – Original Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), pre-flat screen era * Tins & containers * Towels * Toys, and * Vases