COVID-19 Update

March 20, 2020 -

After careful consideration for the health and safety of residents, employees, and family members, our community amended its visitor policy: on Monday, March 16, and is restricting visitors from entering our community.

  • Please bookmark the LCS website: for future updates and information regarding our community COVID-19 response and prevention measures already implemented, such as:
  • Educating all staff and residents in social distancing guidelines
  • Increasing the frequency and rigor of cleaning and disinfecting common community areas
  • Implementing temporary visitor restrictions, including deliveries
  • Canceling on-site large group social events and recreational activities
  • Reviewing and executing our emergency preparedness and response program
  • Asking residents and employees to reschedule travel plans and remain in our community
  • Deploying an updated visitor advisory: for communities and to campus  
  • Coordinating best practices across the broad, LCS partner network
  • Making the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 prevention resources and recommendations available to all employees

All future updates regarding the COVID-19 response, including visitor policies, social distancing guidelines, and prevention recommendations, can be found here: LCS has also opened a national hotline for information. Call 855-998-4934. For local information about our community, please call 919-384-2510.