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She Sold Senior Living for Three Decades. Now She’s Moving In!

November 27, 2018
Croasdaile Village’s Carol Roycroft to Join Community She Helped Build

When Carol Roycroft joined the team at United Methodist Retirement Homes in 1988, Croasdaile Village was only a vision that was still 11 years and a lot of planning away from becoming a reality. The community, which officially opened its doors to area seniors in 1999, has never seen a day without Roycroft leading the sales and marketing team. In a few months’ time, that will all change.

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Celebrates An Immigrant’s Journey

August 7, 2018
Published August 2, 2018, The Herald-Sun Published August 2, 2018, The Herald-Sun

Today, immigration stories make expansive negative news headlines. Seldom are there heartwarming tales about immigrants who strive to become American citizens. Every Friday morning and afternoon, qualified immigrants are ceremoniously inducted as citizens of the United States at the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Office in Raleigh. These immigrants come from the world over, seeking a better life in America.

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